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“At St. Paul’s we believe in the transformative power of education. For almost 100 years, the school has shone as a beacon of academic excellence with generations of Pauleans fulfilling their potential at school and in the wider world.”

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St. Paul’s Headmaster 


From an academic point of view, the pupils have done extremely well making us all very proud. They’ve not only achieved top grades, but they have also engaged in our wonderful extracurricular activities. Moreover, from a social standpoint, the families are part of the St Paul’s community already. As PTA and a school mum, I’m very happy to have welcomed such wonderful people. They are assets to the schools, and they’ll always have my support. 

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current mother at St. Paul’s and PTA representative


“It is gratifying to see that just by taking part in the selection process, the candidate’s horizons broaden and they are able to envisage a different future. The St. Paul’s Endowment fund, with its matched funding objective, has allowed us to offer scholarships to ten more students this year. We have been encouraged by the school community’s increased interest and support for the Foundation.”

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St. Paul’s Foundation President


With new scholars, it is evident that inclusion is an issue that affects us in different areas, not only personally, but as a community that has the responsibility of education on its shoulders. It is outstanding to see that St. Paul’s took the words off the paper and put its positioning into practice, making its teaching more inclusive. It’s wonderful that we are using our privilege to help people from different backgrounds reach their full potential. The Foundation has brought a lot of diversity and inclusion to our school. Going forward, I look forward to seeing this incredible programme grow even further and bring even more scholars into our community.”

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pupil at St. Paul’s

We feel that supporting access to quality education by kids who are less privileged can not only transform those kids’ life but also set a great example for our own children and help them to realize how fortunate they are and how important it is to help others.” 

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